Customized Insurance Solutions for Entertainment Technology Professionals

ProSight has partnered with ESTA to ensure that every professional in the lighting, audio, rigging and staging business has access to the latest technical standards free of charge. Both ESTA and ProSight are committed to the safety of crews and performers and to ensuring that the millions who enjoy the results of their work can be confident that they are safe and secure in whatever venue they visit.

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The Voice Blog

  • The Genesis of the ESTA/ProSight Partnership It all started with a road trip.

    Lori Rubinstein and I set aside most of a week to visit insurance companies in Southern California to talk about...

    11 April 2013 / Karl Ruling

  • A Mark of Distinction: ETCP Certification The motivation for the development of the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) was safety, and that motivation still drives the program today. ETCP Certification of lead...

    13 April 2013 / Meredith Moseley-Bennett

  • ProSight's Commitment to Safety in the Industry When heavy winds come out of nowhere, lifting stages off the ground, or poorly rigged stages collapse, it doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out...

    15 April 2013 / Kevin Topper

  • Making ESTA Standards Free When we were discussing the idea of ProSight sponsoring the free distribution of ESTA's Technical Standards it was our great hope that this would engender interest...

    17 May 2013 / Lori Rubinstein

  • ProSight, ESTA Launch Entertaining Safety This week at LDI 2013, ProSight and ESTA officially released Entertaining Safety: The Entertainment Technology Professional’s Guide to Insurance and Risk Management, a quick-and-handy reference guide...

    22 November 2013 / Kevin Topper

  • Entertaining Safety: Mutual Indemnification a Key Entertaining Safety: The Entertainment Technology Professional’s Guide to Insurance and Risk Management has been released to the world. Entertainment technology companies are now downloading copies of...

    19 December 2013 / Kevin Topper

  • Entertaining Safety: Three Tenets of Risk Manageme Earlier, we gave you a taste of section 1 of Entertaining Safety: The Entertainment Technology Professional’s Guide to Insurance and Risk Management, the new reference guide...

    23 January 2014 / Karl Ruling

  • ESTA and ProSight: A Year in Review Thanks to ProSight Specialty Insurance’s sponsorship of the free distribution of ESTA’s Technical Standards, this last year of our alliance was a milestone year for safety...

    20 February 2014 / Lori Rubinstein

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The ProSight Difference


One of the key advantages of working with ProSight Specialty Insurance is access to our industry-leading group of experts who understand the issues that manufacturers, production companies, rental companies and installers face. Our team is made up of specialists with a total combined experience of over 300 years who know the specific problems that entertainment businesses deal with every day, which enables ProSight to provide high value and unparalleled customer service.



ProSight's Entertainment Insurance division is a dedicated business unit without the bureaucracy of a large company. That means that we can respond to problems quickly because we don't have a lot of red tape and our experts are empowered to make decisions at the front line. This makes life easier and more efficient for our policyholders. We have a flat organization comprised of many experts working together to take care of our customers' needs. That means that when they need help or information they call ONE designated representative who gets the information they need from our internal team of experts and responds back quickly and efficiently - and with the right information.


Exclusive Distribution

ProSight Specialty Insurance develops world-class products for entertainment companies, but an insurance company is only as good as its network of distributors. One of the major differentiators that ProSight brings to the table is that we only work with distributors who are true experts in the live events insurance field. Just as we only hire the best and most experienced underwriters, we also take the same care when we seek out agents to bring our entertainment insurance products to market.


International Capabilities

In 2011, ProSight Specialty Insurance Group acquired a Lloyd's Coverholder and 100% of the capacity rights to Lloyd's Syndicate 1110, which is now known as ProSight Specialty Underwriters Ltd. This allows us to provide coverage to international companies that are working in the United States and we can also insure American production companies that are involved in overseas projects. In addition, our platform at Lloyd's lets us develop and deploy global solutions very quickly.



Everyone talks about innovation, but all too often it's just a buzzword that companies use to hype new products that are anything but innovative. So is it really possible to innovate in an industry that has earned a reputation for inertia? The answer to this is yes - but it requires insurers to start thinking like their customers. That's been our approach at ProSight Specialty Insurance since day one. We don't just talk about innovation - we do it every day, and it's the heart and soul of our products in the entertainment space.


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